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I get it!

So many people have varying tastes and experiences with bananas.   Many could have a Childhood banana trauma from eating them green and unripe.
A few generations before had a wonderful supply of bananas and were always taught to eat them ripe,                                                                                                               like a cheetah with brown spots, that is the SUGAR!


So, I am hosting a retreat at the end of this Month and cleansing the clients  3 whole weeks before we arrive in the Outer Banks.

Check out the Retreat here!

A few clients have told me in the past and during this cleanse that they do NOT like BANANAS!

Ok, well there are ways to get around that.  I do suggest as you go along to maybe add a half a banana when you are ready to try to a smoothie here or there. Many times our taste buds are so out of whack, and we do not eat food at their ripest, it makes for strange flavors on your palette.

I do not suggest you start using nuts to thicken your smoothies. This can throw off your daily fat%, making it too high by making this a practice.

Chia Seeds, frozen fruit cubes, frozen veggie cubes, and  oatmeal are fabulous low fat thickeners to yummy smoothies.

I recommend soaking all dates, and chia seeds.

Oatmeal. The key to using oatmeal in a smoothie is to finely grind it first. Use about 1/4 cup of oatmeal powder to bulk up a smoothie.
Chia seeds. Chia seeds can act as a binding agent and thickener. Add 1 tablespoon to your blender or simply stir chia seeds into a smoothie and give it a minute to thicken.
Avocado. Avocado has a different flavor profile (and color!) than banana but it can be used to make a very creamy smoothie. However, very high in fat, so as you know a little goes a long way, just use 1-2 tablespoons! How about go a step further and make some frozen, some avocado ice cubes. Just puree ripe avocados in a food processor, or a blender, adding 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon or lime juice per avocado. I like to pack the puree into ice cube trays and freeze it that way so I can take out just what I need for a dressing or dip with a perfect  amount of fat
Frozen fruit. Frozen fruit can thicken a smoothie and provide natural sweetness. Try mango, peachor apricots, one of my favorites.

Freezing Cucumbers and Zucchini as well are fab ways to thicken a smoothie, and keeping the fat low. Did you know that Cucumbers actually become sweeter as they freeze. Just like bananas can do,Cucumbers also help soothe the gut and increase digestive function in a gentle way.Frozen cubes of zucchini have a binding effect to thicken up smoothies. Zucchini is also a fruit, higher in Vitamin C and potassium than bananas and cucumbers.                  Squares of pumpkin and butternut frozen call also add thickness and richness, added with dates or frozen berries keeps the smoothies sweet.                  Drops of vanilla in any smoothie will also liven up the sweet taste when using veggie cubes.

SUP at the

One of the magnificent activities we will enjoy at the OBX Spring Retreat is to enjoy and learn how to Stand Up Paddle Board. Everyone can do it! We want to challenge your boundaries with beauty and the feeling of using your whole body in action. The thrill of SUP through a spectacular natural wonderland.

Between the villages of Duck and Corolla is the pristine marsh of the Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary. Miles of secluded water trails make this arguably the most intricate marsh maze on the Outer Banks (8 square miles). The National Audubon Society has preserved a piece of the Outer Banks as it was before man arrived. In their goal to save wildlife habitat they have also created a paddle boarder’s dream. One of the unique features of this tour is the solitude you will experience. Coastal Kayak has partnered with the National Audubon Society to offer this exclusive tour of one of the Outer Banks least traveled and most sought after wildlife sanctuaries. The tour starts with a 10 minute walk down the Audubon trail to the location of our paddle boards. From here your guide will lead you into the maze of islands through which only he or she knows the way.

Why SUP? We really want to teach you this amazing way to transport yourself over a body of water. There is such freedom involved in standing aboard the water.
SUPs allow you to explore rivers, lakes, creeks, ponds and coastlines from a different vantage point and they give you a great workout too while you are at it. You really can SUP on any kind a flat waterway as long as it is safe.You should not have a problem finding a flat waterway to get your paddle board on since most cities are founded on a waterway. Paddle boarding can also get you out on the water at breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.   Using a gopro while you are boarding will get you spectacular footage.
All levels of fitness will be able to handle SUP. You can do varying levels of exercise on your paddle board from gentle gliding to sprinting depending on the type of workout you want to get in and your expertise in maneuvering the paddle board. At the we aim to get you comfortable using SUP as a fitness tool.Paddle boarding allows the body to train neural coordination between the muscle groups. It also helps to improve your concentration and the strength that it provides overtime allows you to perform a number of other dynamic activities.   Balance, Coordination and core strength, SUP uses all your facilities, and all of your senses are engaged while on the water.  What a whole Body experience.