The mighty LIVER  performs over 400 functions, including filtering the blood of toxins and waste and also maintains metabolic functions.  It makes complete sense to have you liver running at optimum function if you want to heal your metabolism.

If you want to lose toxic fat and water from our body then cleanse your liver. Your liver is a huge filtering system before the toxic waste is excreted out of your digestive system.


It takes proper nutrition and absorption for the liver to do its’ job effectively of filtering the blood. If the liver doesn’t transform toxins into safe substances to excrete out of your body, you will bind, or feel sluggish and backed up.  If this happens, then toxins can’t leave your body effectively.

They are stored in your adipose tissue. where they will stay until your liver function improves.  Many people live this way off and on and consider it normal.

Cleansing your body with a juice cleanse is a fantastic way to feel cleansed and not bloated.   A Liver that is not healthy will have sluggish/stagnant bile flow.  The liver and Pancreas work to move the bile with waste but when it gets too thick, the toxic matter can’t flow out of the body quick enough .

People can find so many symptoms of disease will eliminate in just 5 days and feel incredible from the Cleansing of the liver. A Juice Cleanse leads to a feeling of incredible energy, lightness and is a fabulous way to jump-start a cleaner diet.
A  Mothers 5 Day Juice cleanse can really help to reset you body and prepare you for a clean diet.                                                                                                                             In FIVE days of eliminating an acidic diet, of not ingesting overt fats, salt, toxicity, dairy , meat, your body will effectively purge toxins from the liver and pancreas.

Check this video on moving your LYMPH!!

Fatty Liver disease is the man root cause of many diseases such as Diabetes, Check out this video by Dr. Michael Gregor of