Dear Drew and entire crew,

I truly don’t know where or how to begin to thank you all for such a life changing week at the  retreat in OBX.
When I first read of the OBX retreat, it sounded like something I’ve always wanted to do, but never saw offered before, well aside from a uber pricey canyon ranch type of place . I was slightly nervous to sign up alone, but based on the Facebook interactions I have seen, I felt confident I’d be fine. Also , I wanted to come solo so I would feel more inclined to socialize with everyone,rather than pairing off with a friend the whole week.
I’m so glad I did it that way. Every person I met was amazing, and uplifting. We were all from different states,walks of life,but all with the same goals, HEALTH.
The mansion was gorgeous! Wild horses, outside or window, and dolphins frolicking in the ocean. Now the weight loss is certainly a perk. And I need to lose some, but it wasn’t my primary goal. I’ve lost and gained a million times before. What I learned is a realistic, sustainable, and cruelty free way of health.
The juices were great. Fresh coconut water was awesome too, although at first I didn’t like it too much. Lime and acquiring a taste for it is key. I mean who even likes coffee the first 10 times ! And coffee isn’t even healthy!

The workouts were fun and challenging with just enough pushing. The staff knew when we couldn’t perform a specific exercise and offered an alternate one.Always a fun afternoon activity, and enough free time.

obx 036

I enjoyed the tele conferencing with Dr. Doug Graham that we had out of the 5 nights. Very informative.

Also the evening documentaries were eye opening. obxbobpresentation

. I learned alot. And what I think was the most helpful for me personally was the non preachy way everyone educated . We were given the facts, and the rest was up to us. I changed myself for the better. I am now vegan. Hoping for 100% raw, so far so good.I know will slip at some point , but I will keep on trying and learning.
I have continued the habits since being home, lights out at 10. Even my dog is in the habit and often goes ahead of me. I’m up at 6:30 oil pulling, body brushing , and then out for a run. Back by 8 and showered! No naps needed. I don’t eat crap so I don’t have crashes like I used too. All energy, all day! My eyes are brighter, hair softer, pants hanging off me. I haven’t weighed myself, as I don ‘t care what the number is at the moment. Health is what I’m after, and with this lifestyle I will achieve health and the tiny body. Oh,and my teeth are whiter. No need to get trays at the dentist and ingest those chemicals . The oil pulling is making it happen, naturally.juciedel
Everyone comments in how healthy I look. I feel amazing. I’m so grateful for all learned and continue to learn . I made wonderful friends. The after support is tremendous as well, and all at no cost.

You all care, and it shows so much! My retreat was the bargain of a lifetime. The best money I ever spent. And I will be a yearly attendee for life, or until you vote me off the island!!
Love to all of you!!!! Xoxox Laurie Depina

Thanks Laurie!! The retreats are so so much fun! But the best part of all is the we start coaching you a week OUT, Get you jump started and detoxing and ready to get as cleansed and lean as you can we wild organic fruit and veggies. A fabulous chance to meet some of the other attendees and the OBX Crew! The results from our last retreat were outstanding the transformations so awe inspiring, we nurture or OBX retreat guests before , during and after all events.