MEDITATING, change your whole outlook <3

Step 1: Find a quiet, and prefferably dark, place where you will not be disturbed for 10 to 30 minutes. Find a surface (bed, couch etc) that you can lie down on and fully stretch out, making sure your back is straight (like when sleeping on your back).

Step 2: This may sound a little silly but it’s very important. Before you begin your meditation always do a little “grounding”. Just remind yourself of who you are. Sounds silly right? But trust me it’s important, I have come out of meditation not knowing where I am, or what clothes I’m wearing! So always do a little grounding before beginning and after finishing a meditation and you’ll be fine. It sounds a little scary, but really it’s not, even if you are a little dissorientated after a meditation, it last only a few seconds.

Step 3: After your “grounding” cover yourself with something. Find a blanket, big coat, or something similar to place over your body while lying down. If you can get NAKED! Do IT! You do not need to undress, but definitely take off your shoes or any bulky or uncomfortable clothing. Find something to place over your eyes. The blanket and eye covers are not completely necessary but they do make for a much more comfortable complete experience.

Step 4: Once you are nice and cosy there is a good exercise you can do with your mind to help with relaxation, I used it a lot when beginning and it really helps. First tightly contract you whole body, legs together arms by your side and then slowly let fall open. Let your feet fall apart, roll your shoulders slightly out so palms are face up. Begin by focussing on the very top of your head, focus on that part and relax it. Once the top of your head is relaxed move down to your forehead, focus on it and relax all the muscles there. Then move onto eyes, ears, cheeks, mouth, chin and all the way down to your toes!
You will be surprised how much tension you hold in each part of your body as you focus on and relax them!

Step 5: Once every part of your body is nice and relaxed and heavy, begin to focus on your breathing. (It’s very helpful as well to develop a little “abdominal breathing”, basically breathing from your stomach area. Place your fingers just below your belly button and try breath from this area when meditating, rather than from the upper part of your chest)

Focussing on your breaths in and out helps you from being distracted by all the thoughts buzzing around our heads. This is probably the most difficult aspect of meditation to perfect, to be able to block out all the thoughts flying around. Focus on your breathing, in, out, in, out, if your mind starts to wander just bring it back to your breathing, this will become natural after a few sessions.

Step 6: Once you are relaxed and focussed on your breathing, you may start to “drift off”, just allow this to happen, this is meditation! You may “drift off” and “come back” many times during one session. At first the things you see or experience may seem very random but as you become more experienced you may develop some control over your experiences! Another good mental exercise that can help bring on the “drifting off” state is to imagine yourself sinking slowly down into the ground, or floating weightlessly up into the air.

Step 7: When you are ready to get up, take your time, do your grounding again, repeat what you said to yourself before your meditation and you will not feel any dissorientation, and you will be ready to get on with your day feeling better and stronger.

And that’s it! Please keep in mind though that the state of “drifting off” may take many sessions to attain! Some people get it right away, some people take a little longer. For me I think it took about a week and a half of regular (almost every day) 10 to 30 minute sessions before I began to really “drift off” and enjoy the benefits of it.

So whether you feel like you need some relaxation time for yourself, need an energy boost in your day, or are looking to experince some of the deeper benefits, meditation is for you!

Meditation has really improved my life on many levels, it gave me the strength and desire to enjoy my life and my work, and helps lift a lot of the stress that’s piled on our shoulders. The best part is that it’s not a drug, it’s not a religion, you do not have to change your life or your beliefs to enjoy it. You will not get “addicted” to it like a drug. Once you have developed the skills you know it is there if you need it, or just feel like it :)

Have fun meditating Schmexies, Get Some!