Chef Drew McCall Burke

Have you ever wanted a Healthy Chef to come to your home and make you fresh whole food meals and teach you simple ways to eat more alkaline and make easy fun recipes?  We provide full meals for busy households that want to eat very healthy and alkaline. We specialize in Vacationers and providing families with healthy fare all week of their stay.

We not only provide the freshest most whole meals. we provide nutritional know how. We cut through all the trends to a natural whole food diet. W will cater to clients needs, all of our meals are fresh, plant based and delicious.


We love to share how to not waste food, shop smart, and plan out your meals to bring ease to your life or vacation.  Taking the time to plan a bit, review produce that you have that needs to used, will save your family money. Real money. It makes a big difference in your food budget.

If you have kids, then our program includes some hands on food making fun for them, they learn by making and deciding for themselves.

The schedule is a Monday session in the mornings or afternoons. We will do the initial shopping for you. I arrive and set up to make you and your family lunch and dinner meals for the next 3 days as well as some snacks and treats. I will always provide some fabulous breakfast ideas, we encourage a lot of fruit in the morning and can make easy smoothies packs to freeze as well.

I will return again on Thursday with pre-made meals and a demonstration  for that evenings meal and prepping the for the next 3 days.

We service Myrtle Beach, Murrell’s Inlet, Litchfield, Pawley’s Island and Georgetown.

A private Chef will come to your home , prepare meals for lunch and dinners and provide snacks for Monday through Saturday, home visits Monday and Thursday.


A Couple (2 people)

Family up to Five

Parties of 10

Parties of 20


Fruit Soupy Chowder

So tasty the sensation of a BLT with Eggplant!

Homemade low fat falafels with fixins

Kiwi fresh fruit

Teriyaki Cauli Wings

No fat No dairy luscious dressings

Absolute best Vegan Lasagna EVER

Soft Cheeses for crudite

Non Fried Nice Cream with Vegan honey

Pcean encrusted Eggplant with mashed and asparugus

Hearty Cauliflower crusts for mini pizzas


Healthy (no dairy non gluten) Mac and cheese and peas

Garlic and Herb Vegan Cheese Wheel

Sunflower Arugula crispy Krackers

Healthy tasty Chickpea snacks