With foreword by Dr. Douglas Graham

Some books are just plain more valuable than others while some books are nearly a complete waste of time. Some books are chock full of interesting and useful information, whereas other books are amazingly beautiful. Some books provide readily applicable guidance while others beautifully offer inspiration and motivation. Rarely do we see the best qualities combined into one book. Every once in a while, an artistic author with great vision, creates a book that combines the best of the best. ”Be a Sexy Raw Vegan in 30 Days”, by Drew McCall Burke has done the possible; combining art, science, and philosophy, to offer a delicious and nutritious program that anyone can follow. Some books simply must be read. Would you need to learn a bit in order to rise to SRV’s challenge? Sure, but the learning is only half the fun of doing the program. Drew will hold your hand as they explains every step of the process of eating healthfully, and takes the mystery out of nutrition, and making quality foods easy and enjoyable to prepare and consume. This brings us to the most important part of the equation, the “other half,” which is in the eating of the food it-self. Every meal starts with whole foods as eye candy, and is demonstrated in more than 200 color photos. The real pleasure in the tasting. Drew’s meal plans hits the spot in all categories: flavor, texture, color, volume, ease of preparation, cost, and health value. Whether you are looking to lose weight or maintain your healthy weight, “Be a SRV in 30″ is not to be missed. If you want to finally gain back your health by dropping your unhealthy eating habits, rise to this “SRV Challenge.” Some books simply must be read, and Drew’s “Be a Sexy Raw Vegan in 30 Days” is definitely one of them.

What Sexy People are saying:

“So about 30 days to be a SRV! I just want to say that I AM LOVING YOUR NEW BOOK. Having a hard time putting it down. This is EXACTLY what I needed after reading the 811. His book was amazing but I kind of felt lost after reading it like okay now I need a specific daily plan. Well now I have one thank heaven. Takes the guess work out of it and just allows you to move forward w/out wondering what the heck to eat all day long. Such a relief. I was starting to feel like, well I want to do this raw lifestyle but I don’t know how to implement it so maybe I can’t do it. Now I have a 30 day exact plan thanks to you. Yay!
—Sonja Bossingham

“BEST RAW BOOK EVER! I’ve skimmed through it and it’s awesome beyond words! Excellently done! Amazing recipes, mouthwatering colourful pictures of raw yummy delight, and dozens of inspiring testimonies and pictures of other raw sexy vegans. Drew and Mitzi, I salute you! The book is worth MORE than the retail price! xxx ♥”
—LC Rutledge

Be a SEXY raw Vegan in 30 days! Check out this new ebook from Drew McCall Burke who compiled a stunning pictorial step by step guide for the next 30 days on your raw transitioning journey! Such great ideas inside! Well done to both of you with the hard work!
—Julie Groenewald

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