We have known since the 1970s that a nutritional approach can help autism, thanks to the  research by Dr Bernard Rimland of the Institute for Child Behavior Research in San Diego, California.

He showed that vitamin B6, C and magnesium supplements significantly improved symptoms in autistic children. In one of his early studies back in 1978, 12 out of 16 autistic children improved, then regressed when the vitamins were swapped for placebos. In the decades following Dr Rimland’s study, many other researchers have also reported positive results with this approach”.



“Autism, could the cause be dietary?

Dark rings under the eyes. Hyperactive anti-social behaviour.
Most people believe that autism and Asperger Syndrome ‘could be caused’ by damage to and by an unclean bowel and digestive system.

“All disease begins in the gut.”
Hippocrates (circa 430 BC).

And also by giving children antibiotics and toxic medicine’s, that remain in the body, are ruining their natural ability to digest and absorbe foods. And ruin their ability to fight future diseases.

A mucusless, gluten, dairy and sugar free diet can heal autistic children in a very simple way, by healing their digestion. Behavioural changes and interaction with other children, will calm as the child eats more fruits, vegetables, whole, natural unprocessed foods.

Their energy levels will rise from the fructose sugar and not be unstabilised by processed Sugar’s. Getting away from cooked foods, gluten, casein, grains, and starch as well. Cooking on raw diet will be needed to heal and seal the gut wall again.

Once the gut lining is healed, many chronic health problems will just magically go away. Chronic and debilitating things, like autoimmune diseases, behavior problems to eczema and yes, even autism.

To heal your body of mucus, is to restore it’s full power again to heal itself. Here is an example of mucusless foods from a list by “Arnold Ehret The Mucus-less Diet Healing System”

Acid binding, high alkaline ripe and watery whole fruits are the most detoxifying and lymph pulling fruits for a fast detoxification. Wild fruit is better, but if you can’t get that buy organic and local. And herbs to help restore broken-down kidney and liver functions.

Watermelon 🍉
Ripe Bananas
Black Cherries
Blood Orange & Orange ⭐️
Cantaloupe & other melons ⭐️
Grapefruit ⭐️
Grapes (especially red) ⭐️
Honeydew ⭐️
Lemons ⭐️
Limes ⭐️
Pineapple ⭐️
Sweet Cherries
Blueberries ⭐️
kiwi ⭐️

Dried or baked fruits will slow down your detox if it is moving too fast.
Dates, Figs, Raisins, Bananas

Drink distilled water or.
Coconut Water ⭐️
Green juice smoothies⭐️
Lakewood Concord Grape Juice ⭐️
When fresh Lemon juice is added.
Lakewood Cranberry Juice ⭐️
When fresh Lemon juice is added.
Local high grade honey.

Greenleaf vegetables mucusless Arugula, Cabbage, Collard, Dandelion Leaf ⭐️Kale, Leafy Herbs (Parsley, Dill, Basil, Thyme) ⭐️ Lettuce (Green, Red, Romaine) ⭐️ Mustard Greens, Spinach.

Raw vegetables roots stem and all, that being relatively starchless or mucusless.

Celery ⭐️ Cucumbers ⭐️ Dandelion (periodically will add to green vegetable juices) ⭐️ Peppers/capsicum (Green, Red, Yellow, or Orange) Hot peppers as well. Red Beets (raw) Sea Vegetables (Dulse, Kelp) ⭐️Sprouts (Alfalfa) ⭐️ Tomatoes, Zucchini, Sprouts ⭐️

To help in the transition to raw foods, please allow some baked or steamed starchless and mucusless fruits and vegetables.

Acorn Squash (Baked) Asparagus, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts,
Butternut Squash (Baked) Carrots,
Green Peas, Peppers (Green, Red, Yellow, or Orange) – But as always to eat them raw is always best.
Spaghetti Squash, Sweet Potato (Baked) the best choice if you have cooked food. Zucchini (Steamed or Baked) But spiralled like spaghetti is always better for you.

Sea salt or unprocessed Himalayan salt, is also good for you. Also brushing your teeth with baking soda is also helpful in re-alkalising the body.

Finally, to sum up things, the only disease that exists is a “dis-ease” called acidosis. Stagnant acids create obstructions that your kidneys and lymph can’t handle anymore. They are too backed up and damaged to filter anymore. They then release them through the urinary tract causing swelling and rashes and symptoms that your body needs to be cleaned and detoxifed.

Fruits and intermittent fasting are the logical cure. But people don’t want to hear that. Mainstream medicine are only treating the symptoms, not the cause and to complicate matters, the medical ‘treatment’ usually makes matters worse. “It suppresses the symptom and stifles the body’s attempts to heal itself, by using poisons (pharmaceuticals, radiation, chemotherapy, etc). Remember: what you don’t eliminate, you accumulate. This eventually leads to chronic and degenerative issues, not to mention simple boils or tumor masses.” Robert Morse.

Autistic children need a new diet not a new doctor. While the scientific verdict is still out on diet as a cure, statistics point to a definite link between gastrointestinal issues and autism.

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Detoxification issues

Vaccines and Heavy metal toxicity

Rhogam vaccine- 25 micrograms of mercury can interfere with all kinds of developments.

MMR vaccine- affects digestion.

Flu Vaccine-high in mercury

Heavy metal chelation and other detoxifying treatments need to be done to remove heavy metals from vaccines.

Things to avoid with autism..

  • Gmos
  • Pesticides
  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Refined sugar
  • Chemicals
  • Vaccines
  • Fluoride
  • Mercury amalgams ( fillings)
  • Mercury, Aluminum or heavy metals in general