Mothers Whole Food Kitchen is dedicated to serving Pawley’s Island and surrounding Myrtle Beach with a Healthy Alternative for busy lives. We offer fully prepared Plant based and gluten free, Delicious Meal Plans.  Ideal for losing weight, cleaning up the diet and enjoy fantastic recipes, beautifully prepared.

Our Meals plans are a perfect fit for Busy moms and business minded. A fully prepped meal plan set for each day, 2,000-3,000 calories a day and under 10% fat, includes low sodium  and  zero refined sugar and flour.

Our prepped Meal Plans are in demand from those would really need to eat a clean diet and cannot make their own like patients   Post -Op and Pre-Op programs and well to prepare the body for the best outcome. Pre – Natal and after birth plans are available, our meal plans are a
Simple and convenient way to hit your weight loss goals while enjoying delicious and filling plant-based meals and juices delivered to your door or picked up at our Pawley’s Island location on Ocean Highway.

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