Mothers Whole Food Kitchen is dedicated to serving Pawley’s Island and surrounding Myrtle Beach with a Healthy Alternative for busy lives.

We offer fully prepared, plant-based and gluten free, delicious Meal Plans.  Our plan is Ideal for losing weight, cleaning up the diet and enjoying fantastic, beautifully prepared. meals in your home.

Mothers Whole food Kitchen offers an Organic Fresh  Juice Cleanse Delivery , rates available for personal and groups.

We offer a 1 and  2 week “cleanse-down”   
a program with a combination of juices, smoothies, whole fruits, and raw food meals, wraps, noodles, soups and salads, delivered to your home. This is an ideal meal program to prepare yourself for a successful juice cleanse.

Have you ever wanted your own Personal Healthy Chef in your home, to make your family Delicious meals?     We pride ourselves in demonstration to our clients on how to shop, prepare and enjoy super healthy low fat meals.

Our Meals are a perfect fit for Busy moms and the business minded. We come to your kitchen on Monday with some prepped meals,  We show you how to pre-plan your breakfasts and lunches for you and or your families. We then set to making delicious dinners for that evening and the next 2 nights, for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  We set our hours by appointment only, catered to you and your homes needs.

We return again on Thurs, review your food left and produce that needs to be used. We will always assist you to not waste food. Will will then prep and prepare your meals for the next 3 days, Thurs, Fri and Saturday. : home chef meal planning

Our prepped Meal Plans are in demand from those would really need to eat a clean diet the most and cannot make their own.

We will will personally design and work with patients Doctors and Nutritionist for Pre-Op patients, Post- Op Patients.  A cleansing whole diet will assist in ridding many patients of the symptoms that plague them in their diagnosis such as serious digestive, skin and thyroid issues.

We also off pre and post-natal meal plans for new moms, and new moms that are breastfeeding. It is important that a breastfeeding mom gets enough whole food calories for her new baby and her to Thrive.

Cleansing your lymphatic system is so important for all of us.  Cleansing your lymphatic system is the direct path to great health.  Deep Detox

The easiest and most delicious way is through a MothersWFK Juice Cleanse. We provide Freshly Pressed Juices and Coconut Water, Delivered each morning for 5 days.

Our meal plans are a Simple and convenient way to hit your weight loss goals while enjoying delicious and filling plant-based meals and juices with a rejuvenating Juice Cleanse  delivered right to your door or picked up at our Pawley’s Island location on Ocean Highway.

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